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Kimberly S. Reed-Deemer

New Mexico Artist in Oil, Watercolor, Gouache, Charcoal, Pastel, Pen and Ink

Artist's Statement

    My work is a representational yet interpretive depiction of real people, real places and objects I see everyday.  The use of the term 'realism' in characterizing contemporary representational art can be confusing, so I prefer the terms 'representational' or 'objective,' which indicate images based upon concrete referents, but leave open a wide range of subject matter and technical and stylistic treatments.  

   Regardless of the various techniques I use in my work, my art is based upon drawing.  My formal art education began with classical drawing skills using traditional media such as graphite, charcoal, and crow quill pen and ink.  Life drawing from the model using the comparative method of drawing was a large part of my early art education.  My later training in physical anthropology involved study of the primate skeleton and functional anatomy.  Drawings of primate skeletons and drawings from the human cadaver, as well as observations of living primates in motion, supplemented my academic research and furthered my understanding and interpretation of the human figure.

   I'm always aware of the identity of the materials I use and believe the artist must permit those materials to have a voice.  Furthermore, while my work is representational, I don't categorically reject non-objective art simply because it's non-objective, while unconditionally accepting representational art solely because it's representational.  I've gained from exposure to great art of all time periods, cultures and styles. 



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